Volunteer NDA / Agreement

ASSEMBLY Terms and Conditions of Employment 

This document sets out the main particulars of the terms and conditions of employment and also acts as the Principal Statement under the Employment Rights Act 1996

The parties to the contract 


9 Abercrombie DrEnfield EN1 4UX 




Represent ASSEMBLY and all ASSEMBLY interests as an intern of ASSEMBLY. 

Place of work 

Virtual, At Home / Online 

Employment commencement date 

2-month duration per season upon which both parties can agree to commence a subsequent season 

Job title:  




ASSEMBLY are pleased to offer you an educational internship opportunity as xxx 

You will report directly to myself (Jo Asare), Hazel Watson or key members of Staff from ASSEMBLY. As the Ad stated on the Internshala website, this is a virtual internship with the possibility of working with us on a part-time or full-time basis pending a review at the termination of the Internship where you will be presented with a certificate to the tune of your achievement. 

We expect this project to last from a min of 2 months, with a month break clause. The projects you work on are covered by IPO laws and are subject to protection by international law. 


Your internship Stipend is as stated in the Job Description . 

We agree that if the circumstances of your internship change, we will adjust the rate with National Minimum Wage legislation, if applicable. We will reimburse certain out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with your internship in accordance with our procedures. 

Normal hours of work 

Your normal hours will be 15-20 hrs each week. Your working week will run from Monday to Fri daily hours to be discussed 

We have the right to vary the number of hours, days and times which you work to meet the needs of the business. If this happens you will be given reasonable notice.  

You will be required to work the hours necessary to fulfil the responsibilities of your role. You will be required to create a tightly planned work schedule with benchmarks and timelines with daily reports.  

Absence from work 

If you are unable to come to work for any reason, you (or someone on your behalf) must inform the office by 8 am (UK) on the first day of absence. 

Academic, Family obligations and Force Majeure are taken into consideration and considered a topmost priority. 

Key Takeaways and Benefits 

  1. Access to Key Brands and Companies through our Connections 
  2. Access to organised data for use after termination of your internship. example job searching or further internship opportunities related to CAREER ADVANCEMENT ONLY. The secrecy act still applies and any correspondence outside of this remit or inciting conflict of interest will be disavowed and met with legal advisement. 
  3. Development of Virtual Management Skills through various Apps and Technologies 4. Following tenure based on progress, ASSEMBLY progress or pending Review by ASSEMBLY staff the opportunity to continue on as a part-time or Full-time employment 
  4. Collaboration and cultural education between UK and India Teams 
  5. A letter of acceptance  
  6. A certificate to be presented on tenure 

Job Roles 

The purview job role will be discussed and signed by both parties 

Reservation of rights 

All proprietary rights and rights of ownership, licenses, title and interest including intellectual property rights and copyright (including moral rights) in all countries and for all purposes in all artwork, samples, prototypes, copy, scripts, finished products, developed software and all work created by the Employee during the course of their employment at ASSEMBLY’s property. 

Personal data 

For the purposes of administration, it is necessary for the Company to hold and process personal data on its employees. The data will be held for the duration of your employment or for any longer period to enable the Company to answer any question relating to you as an intern. 

Every care is taken to ensure that this personal data is held in confidence and secrecy. You have the right to inspect, review and, if necessary, update your personal details on an annual basis. Normally you will be able to inspect your file within one working day of this request. 

If your personal circumstances do change at any time you should inform Management accordingly. This will ensure that the information remains accurate. 


You will be required to sign our Declaration of Secrecy on your first day of employment and have this witnessed by a member of staff. You are required to comply with its terms at all times, including after termination of your employment. 

Changes to your Terms of Employment 

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to any of your terms and conditions of employment. We will inform you of changes by way of a general notice via email. Any changes will take effect from the date stated in the communication. 

I, xxx agree to the terms and conditions of this contract, and acknowledge that I have received a copy. Print Name: xxx 

Declaration of Secrecy 

To be declared by every employee of ASSEMBLY before entering on their duties 

I, xxx solemnly and sincerely declare that any design information to which I might have access or any designs or software, apps programs or any work undertaken during my employment that I create in the course of my duties as an employee of ASSEMBLY, will not be disclosed by me except in accordance with any authority given to me in writing by ASSEMBLY. 

I, xxx understand that as an employee of ASSEMBLY, any infraction of these rules including improper use of or disclosure of information obtained directly or indirectly by virtue of my employment by ASSEMBLY and all associated organisations and projects under ASSEMBLY banner will render me liable to disciplinary action and can lead to immediate dismissal.

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